Apple and Salesforce partnership is great between them

آبل و Salesforce توقعان شراكة كبيرة فيما بينهما

Announced Apple and Salesforce about the partnership between them aims to provide services to the iOS system management services business of the last with, which is the largest global company in business management evaluated many systems and cloud services business.

As a result of this partnership, the voice assistant Siri will be available for customers of Salesforce, as the two companies are working on adding technologies like Face ID to the face, chat, business, Shortcuts Siri to cloud systems to Salesforce.

Besides, the partnership will support the development pack developers SDK for Salesforce and made available to users in the language of Swift, “Swift” developed by Apple, which will make customers for the Lightning Platform they are developing their apps via cloud services with ease, this package will be available at the end of the year.

On the other side, the company’s business management systems will provide the platform by the Trailhead for users of the iOS system to help them learn the skills and techniques of their systems.

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