Apple and Qualcomm’s peace: waiting for 5G?

Суд между Apple и Qualcomm

The company Apple is sure that the chip manufacturer Qualcomm is abusing a leading position in the market and overprice for the products. In protest she stopped paying him royalties, and at the end of October, its debt amounted to more than $ 7 billion. Because of the conflict the main supplier of communication modules for iPhone was Intel that was not pleasing to many. Fortunately, soon disagreements between the two giants will be reduced to zero — it was reported Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf in an interview to CNBC.

According to him, they already “are on the verge of” solving their current problems. He assured that he has no single doubt in resolving the conflict. To explain the current state of Affairs, he drew an analogy with sport: judicial confrontation is already far not the first period of the game.

Despite the trial, he always was optimistic about the cooperation of Apple and Qualcomm, especially in the case of deployment of 5G Internet. When the interviewer, Jim Cramer said in jest that he wants to see the future iPhone 5G modem from Qualcomm, Steve Mollenkopf quite seriously announced that they want the same.

Unfortunately, iPhone 5G Internet from Qualcomm will be released in 2019, even if the trial will be stopped in the next month. The release of the smartphone with support of networks of the fifth generation is scheduled for 2020, because Apple is waiting for the full deployment of the new Internet.

If the company will continue to clash, the iPhone of 2020 will be used modem from Intel. Fortunately, he has already created and is called XMM 8160 5G, providing the speed of 6 Gbps and the support of all is necessary for the frequency of communication.

Communication module from which company you want to see in the next iPhone from Qualcomm or Intel? Give your answer and justify it, you can in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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