Apple and Qualcomm are available to judicial settlement

In a surprise move, it announced both the Apple and Qualcomm for their reaching a settlement to the dispute judicial about the charges for the use of patents and consequently drop the suits exchanged between the two companies.

Under the settlement, Apple will pay a certain amount to Qualcomm did not mention officially, with the obligation of Qualcomm to provide Apple needs its processors and slide. As to the license agreement, will pay for six years starting from the first of April 2019 with the possibility to extend it optionally for a further two years.

It was expected that the use case of the relationship between the two companies until the end of next May, but come shopping a snap day to dispute the judicial system.

Recall that Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf stated previously that the two companies were too close to a settlement, however, Tim Cook CEO of Apple dismissed those statements saying that the company did not conduct any settlement negotiations.

Return the disagreement between the two companies to 2016 in respect of fees for the use of patents back to Qualcomm in the chipset of wireless communications, and Apple TV that Qualcomm imposed high fees which I paid to them and to Intel and use their brackets in the iPhone last year.

And Apple that Qualcomm used its position in the market as key segments of the processing and communication of various technical companies, so impose high prices, while Qualcomm is that Apple don’t pay their obligations.

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