Apple and Qualcomm are available to a settlement in a patent battle

Connect Apple and Qualcomm to settle their dispute on property rights. He referred to a report from CNBC television to connect the two companies to the agreement, has Apple released a press statement containing the details of the agreement.

Tell Apple that it has reached an agreement with Qualcomm, and after that will the Apple TV to make a payment to the company manufacturing the chips. Moreover, the two to the license agreement for a period of six years as of April 1, 2019. There is a two-year option to extend the agreement, in addition to the “supply agreement slices” for several years.

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The value of the payment from Apple to Qualcomm about $ 7 billion. Fine details of the settlement are still unknown, but this probably means we’ll see the modems Qualcomm the other inside the iPhone. Due to this legal case, it has turned Apple completely to Intel in chip production iPhone 2018.

The report also pointed out that Qualcomm is the proportion of shares to 20%, while the share of Apple less than half a percent.

What this means for the plans of Apple in the version of the iPhone 5G is unknown, but it is likely that this would be a good news. Reportedly it was the police wait until 2020 to add 5G to the iPhone. Noted recent reports that Intel is struggling to meet deadlines for 5G, which is likely to delay plans for Apple 5G.

However, Qualcomm is leading at the present time in the manufacture of modems 5G.

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