Apple and other companies get licences to invest in Saudi Arabia

أبل وشركات أخرى تحصل على تراخيص للاستثمار في السعودية

After the award of the licenses for many international companies to invest in Saudi Arabia, such as payfort, the kingdom is in attracting more large companies, by giving licenses to companies Apple, ZTE, وHPE.

According to the report of the newspaper the economic, the three companies that operate in the field of Information Technology and communications obtained a license to build their investments in the kingdom by ownership of 100%, and the value of its investment The size of a 650 million SAR during the 5 years to come. This investment will be to buy ZTE’s share is estimated at SR 200 million over five years.

This is not limited to the three companies, according to the report of the Gazette, it was to communicate with the major companies like Airbus, Raytheon, ascetic heavy equipment, the Chevron for the localization of their investments in the kingdom.

After the big changes that have occurred in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the last two years, the Investment Commission to submit a lot of facilities to encourage large companies to invest in the kingdom, which would move the economy significantly in the kingdom during the coming period.


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