Apple and Google increase more than 50 apps steal your data

A new episode of the series does not belong, where they removed all of the Apple and Google stores their applications up to 50 applications found to contain declarations of malignancy and its millions of users to steal their data.

These actions came from the two companies to implement the search Security conducted by the company ESET and Wandera reached under him to the list of malicious applications, which must be removed from the stores.

Search ESET Slovak there was a 42 malicious application at least contains software advertising malicious called Ashas. Spread of these applications in eight million device at least.

The company revealed that as soon as the installation of applications infected with ad malicious they show a pop-up ad on the full screen in the background connects to the server outside sends no data about the user’s device such as device type, operating system version, interface language, and the number of apps installed and the storage space free, battery status, and the validity of the root and activate the developer mode and even if he has the application to my Facebook see.

The company Wandera for security and protection on the Smart Phone platform has found 17 iPhone App published ads the possibility to determine the profits to its developer. It turns out that these applications of the dissemination and development of Indian companies and a Trojan horse designed to display ads for fraudulent clicks illegal phones users interest.

As the company said that the apps communicate with a server control and display targeted advertisements and even the involvement of users in the paid services without their knowledge they lose their money.

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