Apple and Foxconn are in breach of employment law in China again

After a long investigation, the proven human rights organizations that Apple and Foxconn to break the law to work in China within the factories that produce the devices first.

آبل وفوكسكون تنتهكان قانون العمالة في الصين مرة أخرىApple and Foxconn are in breach of employment law in China again

I thought Apple counterparts Foxconn violation of Chinese labour law on employment of temporary in factories, where the law states in the country not related to the proportion of temporary employment in the factories, more than 10%, but investigation by jurists and monitor the labor market of China “China Labor Watch” has shown that Foxconn used in the factories that produce pieces of Apple devices more than 30% of temporary employment, which violates the privacy law of the employment of Chinese in the banner.

Was Apple promised repeatedly that it will not use this already previously and staff did not represent him, but returned again to appear under penalty of responsibility.

The firm said for Bloomberg: “the proportion of temporary employment growing our standards, we are now working with Foxconn closely to resolve this issue.”

Not only did the two companies on the contrary the proportion of temporary employment, but continued irregularities to the stability in the peak times, working extra hours is great mandatory, and the number of overtime hours to 100 hours per month, although the upper limit is 36 hours only! But the biggest problem was related to not having the client on the benefits of extra hours.

In turn, refused to Apple TV most of the allegations in her statement, she said: “most of the allegations are wrong.” She added: “We have confirmed that all workers received adequate compensation.”

The company uses this technique in the employment of labour in the countries of East Asia to estimate the costs related to the issue, where the salaries are less than assumed, and exclude other things of the rights of workers such as health insurance, insurance job, vacations, etc., which means higher productivity of work compared to much lower costs. So States put in place laws to limit temporary employment allowed.

According to reports, most of the workers in the factories are students, and therefore this will prevent them from completing their studies in a proper way. But the company says that the proportion of students did not exceed 1%, and that workers who have spent extra hours represent a small percentage of the number of workers.

The most important question

As is the case with the previous, and promised Apple the commitment to labour laws, but will you be this time different? Or continue violating it?



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