Apple acquires Silk Labs competent to develop systems and machine learning protection

آبل تستحوذ على Silk Labs المختصة بتطوير أنظمة تعلم الآلة للحماية

It seems that Apple found itself tied in the competition within the market of IoT devices for smart homes, which made them plan to enter into a different side of this market with the acquisition of the company Silk Labs developed for artificial intelligence systems that rely on machine learning for the purposes of protection, according to The Information.

Owns Silk Labs Data Center Smart “Hub” and a surveillance camera as just, that the camera is processing what you meet across the data center only, which means that the basic logic of the IoT devices of the company is surveillance cameras. But what distinguished the company from others, is that data center processes and learn what the camera captures directly without the need to address it via cloud services, as do most companies.

And maybe try Apple TV that the company includes the Department of artificial intelligence to develop similar systems to protect the Internet of things, which makes the user able to control by smart homes without access permanently for the company, but this is not clear until now.

The company had been founded in 2016 after a campaign set up on the website Kickstarter for financing, technical director, was in the company of Mozilla’s Andreas Gal is the co-founder.

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