Apple acknowledged the existence of butyrate front camera iPhone XS and XR

Excessive smoothing of photos taken on the front camera of the iPhone XS and XR, which complained to the owners of the flagship smartphone Apple, is the result of failure in the Smart mode HDR. About this The Verge has learned from official representatives of the manufacturer, who confirmed the existence of the problem. According to them, in Cupertino not considered the norm effect on the self-images, and intend to fix it in the final version of iOS 12.1.

The smoothing effect manifests itself due to the fact that Smart mode HDR is choosing the wrong base frame for HDR processing when taking a selfie, leads to The Verge the words of Apple executives. Instead of trying to take a picture with a fast shutter speed and to lock the object while keeping fine details the camera have chosen long. And since the front camera, in contrast to the core, does not have an optical stabilizer, because of that, the final images can lose details that many take for work beauty regime.

The beauty mode in the iPhone XS

It seems that with the release of iOS 12.1 Apple will teach iPhone XS, Max XS and XR more carefully to combine the exposure on pictures taken with the front cameras of smartphones, I think the Verge. This will not only enhance the detail of images, but also to eliminate the unnatural effect of smoothing on the clothing and the persons photographed, which did not suit users, who refused to accept his more attractive version with photos.

iOS 12.1 — release date and new features

It is expected that iOS 12.1 will be released on 30 October, the day of the presentation of the iPad Pro 2018. In addition to eliminating butyrate as it was dubbed by the Western it-journalists, the update will bring at least another six significant innovations:

  • Support group calls to FaceTime;
  • Support eSIM for iPhone XS and XR;
  • More than 70 new emojis;
  • Emoji synchronization via iCloud;
  • Manual adjustment of bokeh in real time;
  • Face detection in a horizontal orientation (for the iPad).

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