Apple accused of stealing technology 3D Touch

Japanese Toshiyasu Abe has filed a lawsuit against Apple, which, in his opinion, violated its patents when creating the keyboard with a 3D Touch. The plaintiff hopes to obtain from the company a lump-sum compensation or royalties from the sale of each device, which detects a degree of pressing on the screen.

The patent in question was issued by the Japanese back in 2003. It is reported that Mr. Abe was an entrepreneur and investor. In the early 2000-ies it has been allocated significant funds for the development and promotion of innovative device called “KEYBOARD”. In the description, the application stated that it’s a touch device with multiple virtual buttons. The device can detect the strength and direction of pressing, allowing the user to easily select a desired character. A similar method of selection of the characters used in iOS.

Abe also believes that the patent infringement is not limited to certain iPhone models. For example, in iOS 11 was presented keyboard for iPad, allowing you to select additional characters with “turning”. Thus, the claim affects most iPhone and iPad, available on the market.

Notably, the plaintiff alleges that although Apple is aware of the violation, but to negotiate them in the pretrial order and failed. Nevertheless, for compensation, the court still must agree to a hearing.

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