Apple: about 65% of all devices iPhone air running iOS 11


Published Apple today a number of statistics relating to the use of the operating system iOS 11 on different devices EVO head, in addition to displaying the ratio of the performance of the other operating systems, although there is a varying rate in the updates to the operating systems of Apple, but it is considered much faster compared to running Google.

The distribution of iOS 11 on iPhone

According to the published site phonearena India, stressed the Apple that about 65% of the phones and iPhone devices air running iOS 11, while there is less than 30% of devices still run on iOS 10, while there is a proportion of only 7% operating systems iOS old even now.

توزيع iOS على ايفون
The distribution of iOS on iPhone

The report noted that these figures were obtained from the Apple Store on January 18, so the this information is considered recent significantly, the report indicates that these numbers are growing dramatically, as users of Apple in exchange for the latest new devices.

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