Apple removed popular podcast on the cryptocurrency. What’s the matter?

5 Nov from the us iTunes Store disappeared cryptocurrency podcast “Off the Chain”, which took fourth place in the category “Investment”. Podcast lead partner Morgan Creek Digital and cryptocurrency analyst Anthony Pompliano. At the time of this writing the American iTunes when trying to find a podcast “Off the Chain” issued a warning that it is not currently available.

Pompliano tried to explain on Twitter:

Last week we released a podcast, which brought a final argument in favor of Bitcoin. He messed up and took the 4th place in the category “Investing” in the United States. Then disappeared without a trace. There was no warning. The reasons I do not know. Suppose they took us for a podcast, but to destroy Bitcoin they just will not work!

In the latest edition of the podcast, Pompliano interviewed Murad Makhmudov and called it “the most ardent Bitcoinmaximalist in the world.” They discussed the Bitcoin how it works, what is the value of its deflationary system, why all Fiat currencies are doomed to failure, and why Central banks should think seriously about Bitcoin.

Results of search podcast, “Off the Chain” in the U.S. iTunes Store on 6 November. Source: Сointelegraph

In personal correspondence with Cointelegraph, Pompliano provided a screenshot which shows that the podcast takes the 4th place in the category “Investing”. It is worth noting that the podcast is locked, apparently, for us audiences only. For example here’s a screenshot of iTunes British at the time of this writing. Podcast in place and I have the highest rating.

Results of search podcast, “Off the Chain” in the British iTunes Store on 7 November

After incident, Pompliano wrote about the hope that this is some kind of mistake or coincidence. He also repeatedly called the Apple support, but have not yet received a response. More data look at cryptodata.

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