Apple accidentally reveals new Thunderbolt Display to 5K?

In the foreseeable future Apple may launch a brand new Thunderbolt Display with 5K resolution and minimal framework by analogy with the iPad Pro 2018 model year. This may indirectly indicate the image of an unknown monitor, which the manufacturer has placed in the user’s manual of the new Mac Mini. On the pages of the booklet shows external display, made in the style of Apple products and, apparently, bearing on the case logo.

Despite the fact that Apple is highly unusual leak of its kind in recent time, the company allows itself to give consumers more insight into your future. Which is only a Declaration of intention to present the newest Mac Pro in 2019. In Cupertino do not hesitate to call a key feature of the new items that will make up for modularity, and also to announce plans to produce its own monitor to connect to a future computer.

When I imagine Thunderbolt Display 5K

“As a complement to the modular Mac Pro we also plan to present a professional monitor, said Phil Schiller. — You will not see any one of these products this year because we are still in the development process. We think it’s really important to create something truly worthwhile for professional users who need a computer with a modular design, but it will take more time than previously anticipated.”

But even if the next Thunderbolt Display will not be exact copy of what is shown in the images in the booklet, there is every reason to suppose that the resemblance will be quite serious. In any case, the trend of bezremontnoy launched smartphones and tablets, just can’t get around desktop solutions that increase the useful area is no less important than for mobile devices, whose size from year to year only grow.

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