Apple pohvastalas highly popular iOS 12

Despite the analyst reportsindicating nastorozhenno the attitude of users to iOS 12, the latest iteration of the mobile OS from Apple is spreading even faster than iOS 11. This statement was made by representatives of the company, stressing that as of October 10, 2018 iOS 12 were installed on 53% of all devices released within the past four years. This mark update managed to overcome after little more than three weeks after the final Assembly.

Obviously, the reason for the high velocity of 12 iOS is much more stable compared to the previous releases from Apple. The developers really put a lot of effort to optimize the update for the previous generations. It is noteworthy that the final version of iOS 12 was even better suited for older smartphones, Apple than the new owners are still complaining of problems in the health of key functions.


Is it worth to install iOS 12

We should not forget the role in promoting the operating system can play word of mouth. Users who updated to iOS 12 among the first on own experience were convinced that their device running the updated OS build to work properly, and recommended the installation of update to their friends. Those, in turn, did the same thing, which ultimately led to a small record speed of update propagation.

iOS 12 is one of the most successful releases of the mobile OSes from Apple. When it was created, the developers made it almost impossible, not only expanding the functionality of compatible devices, but actually reviving apparatus four years ago. If you believe users, iOS 12 is the first version of the OS since iOS 7, which increased the speed of the iPhone 5s, returning the actuality almost written off the flagship.

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