Apple doesn’t want sex, cruelty and violence in his TV shows

Apple will soon launch its streaming video service, which I think eventually will turn into a real competitor for Amazon, Netflix and other HBO. At least, analysts are predicting a bright future for the service.

Now about future projects for the service are known to many. This series by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, and TV shows featuring Chris Evans, Jason Momoa, and show with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer aniston, and many others. By the way, today learned that Apple will release the series on the excellent book by Gregory David Roberts “Shantaram”. Who has not read, highly recommend. But now not about it.

Reportedly, the streaming service Apple will be a little different from its main competitors. At least the first time. The difference is that Apple wants to make their TV series and shows “softer”. Simply put, the company will avoid violence, cruelty, sex and other things like that in their projects. For example, it is known that was replaced coronary series Amazing Stories by Steven Spielberg and show with Witherspoon and aniston. The reason is to make the series less dark and show more optimistic. And similar perturbations have affected many projects. While they are allegedly not affected only the “Shantaram”, thank you.

As for the reasons for such a position, it looks like it comes directly from Tim cook himself. The source says that a year ago, cook watched the pilot episode of the series Vital Signs about rapper Dr. Dre, and it struck him as unnecessarily cruel. Damn, still, it’s a series about Dre! In General, cook said that Apple can’t show people, and off we go. The fate of this particular series I don’t know, but about the rest of you.

In General, on the one hand to avoid unnecessary cruelty and violence in movies is good. On the other, if it becomes a basic line when creating content, such a decision may lead to the fact that the result is not very convincing. Especially if we remember the popularity of “Game of thrones” and to imagine what will be a series about Geralt, given the source. In General, wait and see, but until there’s such data.

By the way, I personally do not have a single Apple device and I few that I would like to buy products copertina, but what is already known about the future of the series, I personally very intriguing.

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