App Pixel Sounds 2.0 with proprietary Google ringtones available for download

Earlier, Google released app Pixel Sounds, which do not fulfill any function, but hinted at further development of the ringtones smartphones Pixel. Probably, the guys simply made a mistake in the application why it did not work. Now with version 2.0, users Pixel 3, installs this application changed section, select ringtone.

Ringtones old phone (left) and new (right):

The truth is that section really changed much, but what to do to install a separate app, is unclear. Probably, thus the company is testing a new technology that is able to integrate the functionality of the application in the system interfaces. Nothing like I have never seen.

Now in the ringtones section is located 6 sections: My sounds, Pixel Sounds, Classical Harmonies, Minimal Melodies, Reality Bytes and Retro Riffs.

The first section includes custom ringtones, the second section consists of standard ringtones, and the subsequent offer ringtones in various genres, be it classic or retro.

The app is exclusive to smartphones Google. This approach the company aims to increase sales of smartphones Pixel. On the background of the failed launch 3 and 3 XL these steps is quite logical.


What to expect next? Google is already actively testing a new operating system “Fuchsia”, to replace Android. It is obvious that Google is no longer able to offer owners of Android something new, because the design of the operating system in its current form, logically complete. Google only adds a small function, leaving the functionality unchanged.

It is obvious that within a year the company could announce “Fuchsia”. And then changes in a new section of ringtones won’t appear to be something big. The recent Android updates so minor that it is obvious — the company core strength threw it to the development of the “Fuchsia”.

At the time of this writing, the app is already removed from Google Play, but available APK for download.

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