App FingerSecurity to protect the applications fingerprint

تطبيق FingerSecurity لحماية التطبيقات ببصمة الأصبع

تطبيق FingerSecurity لحماية التطبيقات ببصمة الأصبع

If your Android phone carries a fingerprint sensor, with the application of FingerSecurity will benefit them a lot, as with you with additional security for any application or setting on your phone, just as an option to lock apps. For its part holds the application many options to make your browsing experience easier and more secure.

Of its most important features is that it supports to protect any application with footprint, supports set a time limit to not lock the apps after exiting them, here to talk about the applications that are frequently accessed, also supports the protection of the notifications and prevent them from appearing, as well as to identify specific sites to open your local applications automatically.

Not only that, but there, the advantages of customization, by setting any image you have as background for the application, and allow other people to clearly mark them. To increase the security in the case of non-recognition on fingerprints for any reason, you can simply assign the code to enter for investigation without the need for insight. Also there is a feature to recognize people who tried to open the phone like a failure, and automatically take a picture from the front camera.

Finally, it should be noted that the application of the FingerSecurity is used then the device administrator option, restriction, so if you want to remove it go to settings of your phone and then search for the device administrator and disable the app from there and then remove it. Now to experience the app you can go to his page from here, to be available to download for free with a purchases inside of him.

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