[APK file]: WhatsApp officially launches its application for business and companies in several countries

WhatsApp Business dedicated to business and companies, working in tandem with the application of the WhatsApp regular user for personal finance.

In the month of September 2017, it was officially announced from the business version and of messaging application WhatsApp WhatsApp Business, these women will help businesses to better communicate with clients and customers, although they agree within the Google Play store, but you need to subscribe to the application.

It seems that the pilot phase has ended, where the app was launched officially currently in five countries, namely, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, and the United Kingdom and the United States, to be available in all parts of the world over the coming weeks.

Although the AD mentions that Indian companies, Brazilian rely on WhatsApp heavily in communication, but they are not available in the list of countries that got it now, it seems that WhatsApp you want to make sure that things are going fine before put on the market additional potential.

This app works alongside WhatsApp and regular use of personal communication via the mobile phone number, while the WhatsApp Business dedicated to corporate business.

With regard to the differences between the two versions, the WhatsApp Business provides a number of features like compatibility with landline numbers plus mobile phone numbers, along with access to accounts on private signals when authentication profiles are customizable so that companies can put working hours, company description, and location on the internet and to clarify the scope of work and geographical location, with automated messages to welcome customers and speedy responses or specific answers to clarify that they will reply later.

You can if you live in one of the countries mentioned above the experience of the app via downloading it from the link on Play Store: Click here, or download apk file from website APK Mirror: Click here.



Source: [APK file]: WhatsApp officially launches its application for business and companies in several countries

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