[APK file]: the application HTC Screen Capture to take a screenshot

The new app gives the possibility to take a screenshot easily combined with supplied some useful features.

After the launch of a new update to apply the Edge Launcher brings features such as rearrange the places icons and the possibility to activate it through the phone’s lock screen, here are the HTC introduces new apps to the HTC Screen Capture for users of phones includes some advanced features.

The new app is a tool to take a screenshot of the smartphone, with the possibility to edit or add text and graphics, so that they let you take multiple screenshots for your documentation work or posts published on social networking sites, without the need to click on the different buttons at the same time.

And speaking of features, the tool provides options such as Scroll and Partial to the side of the editing options, share and save, so gives the option to Scroll the preview of the shot taken and in the content of the screen and when needed through a small window appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

While allowing the option of Partial crop the snapshot before saving it, while allowing the adjustment option by adding text and graphics to the title, so this provides the option of modification the list of visible options drawing and coloring along with a paint brush pens and eraser and a wide range of color options.

Users can phones HTC experience app via downloading it from the link on Play Store: Click here, or download apk file from website APK Mirror: Click here.


Source: [APK file]: the application HTC Screen Capture to take a screenshot

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