APEX will be the main innovation of Android Q. What is it?

Android Q will show as usual on Googe I/O. it is Already known that the system will embed a full dark theme and all standard company applications to release a new version of Android will be updated for this innovation. However, the dark theme isn’t Android Q. APEX that may correspond to the global Project Treble.

What is APEX?

For Android ecosystem APEX is something new, but not in the case of Linux distributions. The essence of APEX is the ability point upgrade system libraries in Linux what happens. You can upgrade the kernel, leave the GNOME desktop untouched. Android does not separately update the library (you need to release an update of the entire system), as section with the system libraries and frameworks is not writable (read-only) Linux uses the same partition with read and write.

What is a library?

It is precompiled code that can be used by other programs. They store shared methods of classes that are accessed by an Android application. Libraries reduce the size of APK files, applications, as some functionality is already inherent in the methods and does not require re-implementation in each application. Libraries are stored in the folder /system/lib and /system/lib64. Them, as mentioned above, cannot be updated separately from the entire system, but APEX solves the problem.

With the advent of APEX in Android Q update libraries would like to update the applications

In Android, use the file ld.config.txtin which the paths to the folders with libraries. This file can be changed, that was the problem for APEX. Google solved it by placing the APEX packages local files ld.config.txtin which the paths to the additional and updated libraries.
Currently the company is working on creating a C interface between the APEX-packages as libraries (even updated) should have interfaces to communicate with each other via a common Protocol.

What is the purpose?

Google is trying to create a basic APEX libraries that can be updated without the issuance of a global update. It can touch even the security updates, the need for which will disappear with the advent of APEX packages.

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