AOC showcases its latest products at Middle East games

Reviewed the company AOC group of products the screens of computer games “AGON” and”G-Line”, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center during the events of the “Middle East games”, and the event is the largest of the games in the Middle East and Africa, attracted a large number of gaming enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals.

And forgive me Group, Business Development Manager at the company AOC, about participating this year, said: “since the first day of the exhibition, the Middle East, for games, Middle East Games Con we attracted a large number of lovers of electronic games. And may they experience our products are through many modern games which require speed high response and the ability to see the details without any inconvenience with the techniques of high quality for those looking for peak performance for games”.

He added: “Our success in this year’s exhibition is documented the fact on the company’s keenness to communicate with the gaming community in the region, monitoring their comments and their reactions to our products. We have strengthened the spirit of competition through the provision of competitions between the players and the challenges are interesting to attend and it was a big turnout, with praise rates and their admiration of the potential of the screens and their ability to promote and support the spirit of competition.

He continued: “the winners received multiple awards including screen games AOC and vouchers every day, have benefited civilization discounts on tea for sale on the pads of our distributors at the same rate”.

He concluded, “We are to be serious players in the global electronic games industry, and strive to promote innovation and games in the region. Looking forward for more support and participation in community activities and business events in order to strengthen our presence in the markets of the region with the war on, following the monitoring requirements of users all the time”.

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