Antiyoy — the best turn-based strategy

Antiyoy is one of the few games that managed to delay me for quite a long time. This is a turn based strategy game where the player’s task is to capture territories. Here also there is the economy, but in very small amount.

Before the battle you can choose difficulty, map size, number of players, as well as color. The number of players determines how many players will play for different colors. The number of colors and the number of players may be different. If the number of players less than the number of colors, for all unused colors will play the computer.

In the game there is a handy map editor with built-in tools for testing. Created maps can be exported and imported. The game also has a story campaign with the ability to progress through the levels. Only the player is available 100 levels of varying difficulty.

During the game the player is able to create buildings, towers to defend the territory and military units. As you progress, increase the cost of maintaining the army on the map will appear on the trees, which reduce the profit they need to cut down. Construction of houses increases the profits of the tower, on the contrary, reduce it. The peasants and the military also spend the money of the Treasury. Each occupied cell will be to increase earnings per unit. This is, perhaps, the whole economy in the game.

There is also an option on “Diplomacy”, which can be used to conclude a contract with the enemy territories, paying at the same time subsidies. In the settings you can also enable the option “Fog of war”, it makes the invisible parts of the map that have not been visited by the player. Of course, no one claims to high level and the quality of the game. It is quite simple, but interesting and quite challenging strategy that will appeal to many.

Application: Antiyoy
Developer: Yiotro
Category: Strategy
Version: 1.21 e
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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