Another town in the state of Florida have to pay 500 thousand USD for of virus ransomware

hacker hacking

He says hackers are increasingly targeting cities in the United States, using virus, ransomware or what is known as Ransomware. And these pirates are using this kind of virus code to target systems of cities and book their data hostage so to speak. In most cases, the cities pay the money demanded by these pirates because it is difficult to work without their data. More recently, make sure that the other town in the state of Florida had to pay up to 500 thousand USD to hackers who infect systems with ransomware.

You know the suburb of Riviera Beach is the other attack recently where the Pirates prevent municipal employees from accessing important files. Thus, they were forced then to pay 600 thousand dollars on a form of ransom to get their files back.

The officials found in Lake City, Florida themselves in a similar situation. I voted in the end to pay the equivalent of 500 thousand dollars American Bitcoin not kept the Pirates of the city system is out of service for two weeks by a virus ransomware. The information technology staff in Lake City separation dialogue doctor staff within minutes of the attack detection, but this decision came too late. Work virus ransomware after that to keep employees out of their email accounts while the population can no longer make payments to the municipality via the internet.

Call the pirate police to secure the city and then negotiate a ransom payment of $ 42 bitcoin is equivalent to about 500 thousand USD. The officials argue that paying the ransom is the most effective way to gain access to their systems. Said Mayor Stephen Witt told the media that the bulk of the ransom will be his insurance while will be incurred by taxpayers ten thousand dollars only.

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