Another report confirms that Apple is going to dismantle the program iTunes in the next major version of the system MacOS

iTunes apple-music-streaming iTunes

Earlier this week, revealed to us one of the developers he’s got some evidence to suggest that Apple intends to dismantle iTunes into separate apps with the knowledge that Apple had earlier announced that it will launch the TV application on the platform of MacOS later this year. Having said that, we got today as well on another report suggests that the next major version of the system of MacOS come with separate apps include Podcasts and Music and Videos.

This does not mean that Apple will get rid of iTunes. The company would have to keep the app because there is no new solution yet to sync the devices manually like iPhone and iPod with old computer. Thus, it will be on Apple to keep iTunes for a while before this is possible.

Refers to the website 9to5mac reports that the next major version of the system, MacOS, which is likely to carry a version 10.15, will provide several separate apps off of iTunes include Music and Podcasts and TV. And he says he will develop all these apps by using Marzipan which is a new technology from Apple is designed to facilitate the transfer of apps to the iPad platform MacOS without having to make significant changes to the code.

It is also said that the update will also bring a completely new design to develop the Books. You may get a side bar similar to the development of Apple News on system MacOS with the title bar of the narrower features several tabs for Book Store, library, and audio books.


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