Another received leaks about Apple devices next

We mentioned in previous articles some of the rumors that revolve around devices iPhone coming this year. You can review them from here. Still expect more leaks and rumors between now and then will provide with the approach of the official announcement of those devices. Only yesterday was the publication of the report reveals leaks tremendous containing more details about the models of iPhone coming this year.

آخر ما ورد من تسريبات حول أجهزة أبل القادمة

Rumors about specifications of the devices iPhone 2019

The analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo published details of a number of interesting new features that are planning to Apple to bring it to the lineup of devices iPhone 2019, as follows:

◉ All the organs of the iPhone, the next they are the successors of the devices iPhone the current. This means that we’ll see iPhone XR new LCD screen compared to 6.1 inch, iMac-iPhone XS screen OLED compared to 5.8-inch, iMac-iPhone XS Max screen OLED compared to 6.5 inches. Oddly enough here is the survival of the iPhone XR the same LCD screen which complained of many users. It is expected the “KO” that is changed to OLED at a later time but not this year.

◉ Features of these devices, according to the report on the larger batteries, charging wireless dual this is an interesting point, and a Face ID advanced significantly.

◉ Unlike the previous rumors, it won’t take my Apple port Lightning account for USB-C, perhaps later this year.

◉ Apple plans to add the technology (Ultra Wide Band) or UWB is a new technology known as the bandwidth of the Super Show, which can be supplemented with Wi-Fi in the near future. The most important characteristic of this technique is its ability to send data twice as fast as Wi-Fi which ensures quality training of digital special projectors, television and others. It is the most important characteristic that technical also, is that they help in indoor positioning and navigation.

◉ Confirms the “KO” previous rumors related to the triple camera iPhone, they will be limited only to the iPhone XS Max 11. Certainly there will be major improvements in camera quality, two other.

Further reports indicate the development of the iPhone foldable

At the mention of the phone folding comes to mind is the Samsung rollaway, which opened a new door wide open to competition by numerous companies manufacturing the phones and on top of my company, Huawei Share.

In the meantime, the reports and evidence that Apple supports the idea of the phone rollaway, and it was in the strictest secrecy on the development of its model of folding, and the guide explains that neighbour the development of this phone already.

It is expected that this phone has on screen two or three, in addition to detailed or detailed. Broker content that the phone internally and externally. Can make the phone The Shape of a pyramid so that two people watch a video or enjoy playing everyone at the same time.

It seems that Apple is considering different types of devices folding is not limited to phones but includes other devices manufactured by Apple such as IP devices-the iPad and the MacBook. Since LCD displays are not flexible, it will provide OLED screens that allow the curve of the screen.

And secret work on the phones folding, so hide the design from Samsung, which makes Apple think the screen of the LG as indicated in the report published in late 2017. It’s worth noting that it is not likely to see that model soon.

And about the headphones AirPods 2

Rumors launched this week also, that Apple will be launching AirPods 2 updated rebuked choose the Black color. As for the launch date that fish appear to be unclear. The site Onleaks to it will not be launched before autumn.

Rumors about the date of the WWDC conference 2019

Refer all indications to date Apple conference for developers WWDC 2019 will be in the period between 3 June until 7 June in San Jose, California. Will be revealed for the iOS operating system 13 system MacOS 10.15 and much more.

The news of the new acquisitions

Appeared reports that Apple acquired this week on the digital marketing company DataTiger. As well as the acquired company Pullstring was founded in 2011 and focused on creating apps voice interactive children’s games such as Barbie house ‘smart’ and then design and deploy voice applications. Expanded the company’s focus later on products the Internet of things.

Such acquisition of the latter, that plays an important role for Apple while continuing to work on improving Siri, many believe that this is the reason behind this acquisition.

This all the reports and rumors about Apple devices coming in the past few days. What sparked your interest in those rumors? Tell us in the comments.


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