Another iPhone prototype 11 showed on the rendering. Do you like it?

Alleged iPhone XI with camera with staggered lenses, the image of which we happened to witness some time ago, may never come to light. This was stated by the author of the leak insider Steve Hammerdorfer, better known as OnLeaks. According to him, in a Apple has more than one prototype, each of which has an equal chance to become the final sample flagship smartphone of 2019.

As seen in the image, in the appearance of a prototype iPhone XI to discern the characteristics of the models of the current generation, but there are a lot of differences.

The first thing that catches the eye when looking at the render, — a small recess in the top of the screen. But, despite the fact that it now takes up less space, this smartphone doesn’t look better. In my opinion, the camera on the image evokes associations with the products of Chinese manufacturers, who consider it an honor to reduce the size of the recess compared to the iPhone X and XS and calling it innovation.

The iPhone camera is 2019

Another feature of this prototype is hiding on the rear panel and the name of her camera. First, the module is positioned horizontally, which is strange, considering that a year ago, Apple explained to us the benefits of vertical placement. Supposedly in this position the camera more effectively shows itself when working with objects in augmented reality, which in Cupertino have high hopes.

Secondly, the camera of this prototype consists of only two modules, while the rumors pointed to the desire of Apple to equip the new one. The triple chamber is able to significantly expand the photographic possibilities of the future flagship, giving it the ability to shoot extra-wide images or the function of the optical approximation of the image in the frame to a few times.

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