ANON may disappear from mining-pool 2Miners. What it is, and whether it is possible to save the situation

A few days ago representatives of ANON reported conducting mandatory updates. Update will be on the block under the number 37000, tentatively to be produced on January 27. The contents of the update are contradictory and illogical. Team 2Miners shares his opinion about what is happening and at the same time talks about the prospects of further development of the situation.

The contents

Last update ANON. Details

For starters remember the details of the update. A lot of them — the full list is on the ANON page in Github. Let’s start with those that cause the most issues.

Reward developers

Without the 10 percent reward for a block will be paid to the developers. Sounds very doubtful. The price of the coin since launch has fallen in 10 times is 10 cents. This is the most important indicator of a project that reflects the efforts of developers and their usefulness from the point of view of the community.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Today ANON is on the 2005 ranking by CoinMarketCap, while the daily trading volume is equivalent to 118 dollars. Given the current performance of the team 2Miners against the imposition of a 10 percent deductions is unfair to the miners and the owners of mastered.

Activity team invisible. They don’t advance any ideas, do not cooperate with pools and hosting providers for mastered, and do not do marketing. Interaction with the public is at the bottom.

Source: CoinMarketCap

By the way, the voting model, which has been launched with masternode ANON, too. The imitation of democracy was again another form of autocracy.

Changes in the value of mastered

The developers also plan to increase the value of mastered twenty-fold — from 500 to 10,000 coins. As you probably remember, at the time 2Masternodes was the main platform for the launch of mastered ANON, which run a few hundred nodes. The service team has repeatedly asked the developers to reconsider the amount of bail, however, then they are satisfied. In the end, the service mastered became unprofitable, and ANON has delistyle from the site in October.

By the way, it’s funny that the cost of running masternode at least 9 times more daily trading volume coin.

Other updates

The reward for each block will be reduced by 5 percent in favor of the Fund management. Spending extra coins will be engaged in the superblock also introduced the Spork, which resemble the decisions in the Dash.

Testnet ANON

Testnet with the proposed update nodes in the moment. Team 2Miners wanted to verify the new, but it’s impossible. It’s a tight deadline, the update is mandatory. Due to the lack of testnet the chances of success are minimal. Looks like a serious approach, right?

How much does a pool 2Miners ANON?

The most interesting part of the article. To make calculations if desired, and yourself. 2Miners owns approximately 60 percent Hasrat network. Per day recent updated approximately 144 blocks, each of which give rise to 32.5 coins. Today the rate ANON is 11 cents.

Source: 2Miners

Every day 2Miners finds 60 percent of 144 blocks, that is, 86;
only 2800 coins, or about 307 dollars;
taking into account the Commission pool the 1 percent get a little more than 3 dollars a day and 90 per month.

In fact it turns out a little more, since the Commission on SOLO-pools is 1.5 percent. In the end, go for 110-115 dollars per month.

Because 2Miners uses a cool the servers, their service takes more than these amounts.

Position 2Miners

The developers ANON expect from the team 2Miners code updates and changes to block template that will allow them to continue to earn 10 percent with each unit. However, they have not made contact, did not ask about technical possibilities to implement the update and asked our opinion about it. Interaction zero. They decided that all of a sudden take and implement their fantasies, and do it for free.

Not today. 2Miners will not implement this update.

ANON the pools are unprofitable for 2Miners. However, developers do not care, they want to earn commissions. By the way, at the current rate they will accrue the equivalent of $ 2,400 per month. Surely this amount will help the project, things are so bad? But if you upgrade they will get worse, that’s for sure.

Team 2Masternodes advised to increase the value of mastered in the beginning, when it could help the course. Then you forget about the problem, and now it’s too late.


2Miners does not support binding update from the developers ANON and will update the pools to version 2.0.0 node. We don’t care about the fate of the team, if they do a update.

Dear miners ANON. Please change the coin to start mining until block 37000, since the future of the project after this point is unknown. If the developers still hold a renewal, we remove a coin from the pool.

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