Announced the date of the presentation of the “Yandex.Phone”

The Russian company “Yandex” will hold presentation of its brand smartphone next Monday, November 19. This is reported by “Vedomosti”, citing people close to the leadership of the domestic search engine. The upcoming new product, which was registered last summer, will be released under the name “Yandex.Phone” and will be the second hardware product of “Yandex” for all history of existence of the brand, which will go on massive sale.

According to “Vedomosti”, “Yandex.The phone” will be available in at least three retail chains across Russia: “Eldorado”, “M. Video” and “VimpelCom”, which owns the brand “Beeline”. The advent of the smartphone “Yandex” in stock with these retailers means that the company’s managers failed either to convince those to start the implementation of the device with a minimum premium, or had to surrender himself and to set a higher retail price.

Features Of “Yandex.Phone”

A full range of technical characteristics of “Yandex.”Phone has not yet been disclosed, however, according to the pictures leaked, the smartphone will not concede to the majority of phones in the medium price segment. In particular, he will receive the 5.65-inch display with Full HD resolution and aspect ratio of 18:9, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, NFC for contactless payments and voice assistant “Alice” for a more comfortable interaction.

Retail price “Yandex.Phone” is likely to be in the range of 20-25 thousand rubles. However, following tradition, originating during the launch of sales of “Yandex.Station”, we can assume that for the money, in addition to the device itself, the user will get free access to “Yandex.Music,” movies for “IMDb” and possibly the series on “Mediateca”.

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