Announced a new date for the start of sales of Galaxy Fold

Samsung may start sending advanced Galaxy Fold users are already 13 Jun. This is reported by Reddit users who had pre-ordered for the novelty, pointing as source of U.S. operator AT&T reported the postponement of the delivery on that particular date. Despite the absence of supporting information from Samsung, reason not to trust the published information is not, given the insignificance of the defects in the design of the Galaxy Fold.

As of April 24, that delivery Galaxy Fold on pre-orders will begin June 13, said at least 7 people. According to them, they got a message from AT&T asking them to agree a new delivery date. In the absence of confirmation of willingness to accept the goods, the order will be cancelled.

When will release Galaxy Fold

Date of the re-start of sales of the Galaxy Fold, voiced by AT&T, looks quite plausible, despite the fact that Samsung still remains silent on this matter. If the operator information is correct, the manufacturer will be in about a month and a half to resolve discovered defects. And since almost all of them are to mount a protective film that needs to be replaced by new and “tuck” it under the edge of the display, no reason not to believe that this time will be enough, we simply do not have.

The first information about problems in the Galaxy Fold displays have started to appear on the second day after Samsung sent smartphone it browser. In most cases, the screens are out of order due to the fact that the journalists decided to remove the protective film, which, as it turned out, absolutely can not be done. In this regard, Samsung has decided to cancel the launch of the Galaxy Foldto make in his design the necessary changes.

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