Anniversary gift. Bandwidth LN exceeded 1000 BTC

Lightning Network now accommodates 1000 bitcoins. The event once again underlines the popularity of the solution of the second-level scaling the main cryptocurrency. The decision has already received support from the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey is an investor of Tesla and SpaceX, bill Lee, and other prominent members of the crypto community.

March 15, 2018, the General Director of the Lightning Labs Elizabeth stark announced the launch of the official beta version of the Lightning Network. This year the Lightning Network has come a long way. According to the monitoring LN 1ML, network capacity is 1056 BTC or more than $ 4.2 million. Only last month, the network has grown by 54 percent. The indicators are the following:

  • the network has 39222 channel, indicating a growth of 47 per cent;
  • the number of active gcd increased to 7381, by 17.89 percent increase over the same period.

In addition, a huge step forward and showed the actual adoption LN. Jack Dorsey praised the decision and said that “the integration of LN with Twitter is only a matter of time”.

Lightning-the torch as the Olympic flame

LN also attracted a lot of attention thanks to the flash mob with Lightning-torch from the user under the name Hodlonaut. He was called to disseminate information about the benefits of a Lightning Network and instantly gained popularity. People enjoy peredayut the baton to each other. Recently, the torch made it even to Iran, despite government censorship.

With regard to the underlying asset Bitcoin, the price of coins for a long time kept at $ 4,000. According to the chief analyst of Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee, if Bitcoin will continue to remain at this level, price may cross the 200-day moving average, which will directly indicate the transition of the market in bullish trend.

The current rate of coins can be found in our classroom ranking of cryptocurrencies. More data look at cryptodata.

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