Animated stickers Animated Stickers feature WhatsApp next

Not as is the case of animated images in the Gif, which works to display the image animation and then stop at the expiration of the offer, a new feature coming to actually develop the students to work through on the app support all ways that would increase the proportion of interaction between users and within groups.

Animated stickers Animated Stickers is the same technique used with the present posters in the same proportion graphic, but it’s more expressive and will rise with it thinking without a doubt.

Work management application technical and is currently providing this feature on the platform operating the most used , Android and iOS after you pass the necessary tests, will be available to all users immediately update them to the latest version.

Don’t stop fact the answer to this feature that may cause , control feature to prevent others to add you to groups against your will, they will be able to talk about it, prevent everyone from adding you to any group, or to allow some or you want.

This feature may be available in any moment without a declaration of fact about it, where you’ll find a new option Group under Options Privacy Privacy within the settings of the app will include options to control this.

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