Anghami is collaborating with Snapchat to promote the region and around the world

Collaborated Anghami with Snapchat with the aim of promoting talents in the Middle East and North Africa the public around the world.

أنغامي تتعاون مع سناب شات للترويج لمواهب المنطقة حول العالم

Signed Anghami, the on-demand music service leader in the Middle East and North Africa, a cooperation agreement with Snapchat aims to promote the talent the music scene in the Arab world and the region for all audiences around the world. Where will this partnership is the start of Advent songs, clips, Arabic music and Foreign provided by Anghami within the lens of augmented reality on the app Snapchat.

Start lens the new music springing for beginning users of the product, and will with her song artist authentic intimate “secret of life” reputation.

After this step, said Elie Abou Saleh, vice president of Anghami in the Gulf Cooperation Council: “in promoting our mission to develop talent in the Middle East and North Africa, and share them with the world, collaborate with Snapchat for the first time to distribute clips of music from the talents of the region within the lens of augmented reality with unique experience. With Snapchat, we can increase attention to the music, helping artists to deliver their songs more users around the world.”

Was Anghami Snapchat has collaborated in advance to provide an opportunity for users of the service music to share their favorite songs on the stories of their sea Sha within the StoryKit, has also been given the opportunity by using the codes Bitmoji emoji in the chat service own one.

Can get the lens new scan icon in the following picture:

أنغامي سناب شات

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