Android update wants to 2.9 the next shows the number of unread notifications

When you talk about smart watches, one of the most important what distinguishes it from fitness tracking devices is the possibility to display notifications and messages.

Earlier this month, I began to compatible devices to get updated to Android wear Android Wear is 2.8, which provides improvements for easy to read notifications and messages through Theo is the new black, with the possibility to show more parts of the message by providing more space to work, along with lengthen the battery life for a smart watch.

Although it did not pass only a few days on the issuance of that update, however, Google began to talk about version 2.9 of its system to run wearable devices, so this update includes an indicator to display the number of unread notifications all the presence of the former, which was optional before, with the possibility to customize its presentation by the developers.

This indicator comes in the form of points with a loop to surround it, will be available by default at the bottom of the clock face in case of new notifications unread, and the developers of Watch faces to customize the color of this indicator in the case was the standard white color is not suitable with the face of the watch.

Along with the possibility to disable this index by the developers choose another way to display notifications, including the display number of unread notifications in the system area or get the number of unread notifications display the figure in a way that fits the style of the clock face.


Source: Android update wants to 2.9 the next shows the number of unread notifications

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