Android tablets are no longer needed in 2019

In 2010 was presented the first mass tablet the first generation iPad. The device was a breakthrough at that time, because nothing like this have never been shown. Later Androidmanufacturers have also started to introduce tablets, but the quality is noticeably inferior to the Apple.

Today Apple continues to remain the leader in this field for one simple reason — Android manufacturers have lost interest in the tablet market. Indeed, today’s normal tablets offers only Samsung and Huawei, but these solutions are inferior to the tablets from Apple. New iPad Pro.

However, how to develop a market in 2019? Today, I feel that Windows tablets are quite popular and it is coupled with additional accessories in the form of pen and keyboard. Thus, the device acts as a laptop and as a tablet for watching movies, for example.

Android tablets simply can’t compete with the iPad and Windows-based solutions for two reasons — Android is not adapted for tablets and Google have nothing to say, Android tablets there are no special characteristics that would distinguish them from the iPad and Windows devices.

In 2019 with the advent of flexible smartphones market Android tablets simply die. Users no longer need a tablet if your smartphone will be able to transform into size.


Foldable smartphones is a real revolution, and that they are actually able to fully replace the Android tablet.

In addition, the foldable smartphone Andromeda is preparing to introduce and Microsoft in 2019, largely saves users from having to carry around multiple devices.

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