Android system updates may arrive in the future via the shop Google Play

Over the past two years, is working with Google on Project Project Treble to help hardware manufacturers to issue OS updates as soon as possible.

But, it can be trying to Google the new to deliver Android updates to users as soon as possible is by sending updates via the store Google Play instead of the system settings.

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Recently, the developers decrypts the latest version of the Play Store app, and spotted lines of code that refer to the Launch System updates via the App Store. If the code already refers to the Launch System updates via the App Store, it may be possible for users to download updates and install any application.

This is an interesting development. Although we haven’t heard anything from the company itself, except that this step could allow to get the update immediately launch it, but keep in mind that Google may say or not say to approve this change.

Source: 9to5google

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