Android System 9 works now at the 22.6% of devices

The company said Google in a statement recently published to the Android System 9 user today to 22.6% of devices.

I didn’t publish the Google percentage use of the operating system versions in the recent period, including the Android version 10, while Apple said that its new system iOS 13 users on more than 50% of compatible devices after less than a month of its launch.

With more than 2.5 million devices running Android, the declaration on the proportion of the use of versions of the system are information useful for anyone, especially application developers, but Google stopped lately to disclose the ratio of use even though they were violating.

Earlier this year, said Google that Android version 9 user 10% of compatible devices, and said then that they would the proportion of use of the systems every quarter of the year, this did not happen.

Instead, it seems that Google believe the proportion of the use of versions of Android when you have good news. Probably won’t see the latest version so you can Google from the conclusion that the proportion of use Android version 10 higher than the previous versions.

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