Android smartphone with the most powerful battery in the world

Over the long history of the exhibition Mobile World Congress we all kind of devices not seen, but this probably didn’t really see. Energizer your smartphone with not the simple name (Energizer Power Max P18K Pop), but with the largest battery in the world.

The battery capacity of the new model is the gigantic 18,000 mAh. So it is easy to imagine the amount of power this beast, know that it is 4.5 times more battery capacity Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 9. On assurances of creators, Power Max P18K Pop can withstand a 90-hour phone call and work 50 days in standby mode. To put this battery will have to lose on a smartphone video 2 days to fully charge a whopper will take 9 hours and included a powerful battery charger with support for fast charging.

In addition to the huge battery in the smartphone has a 6.2-inch frameless display with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory permanent storage. All of this works at the facilities of Helio P70 chipset, which belongs to the same category of performance as the last chips Snapdragon 600-series, and Android 9 Pie.

Camera powerbank with the screen is hardly someone to impress. There are only five: three main and two front, which go from the case top when running the camera app and included selfie mode (hi Vivo NEX!).

To summarize the foregoing and seen. A new smartphone from Energizer is just a huge and weighs a ton. Yeah, he’s got a big battery, what is missing in all modern smartphones, but this device just does not allow you to wear it in normal city conditions. Maybe for a long trip somewhere, or camping he’s good, but for everything else it’s overkill.

Certainly pleases that such manufacturers as Energizer, slightly diluted with the mobile industry for its controversial decisions. After all, the same Apple, Samsung or Huawei-so-straight weirdness can not afford. The guys from Energizer realize that Power Max P18K Pop is aimed at a very small audience, but to run it in the sale still going, and it will happen in September 2019.

How’s that for a monster-survivor? Would buy and for what purposes used?

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