Android replaces passwords with the fingerprint of the finger soon

Experts advise the appointment of a long password unique for every account on the internet, and then changed every period; in order to avoid penetration of all the accounts if one is hacked, so I found a password manager, but it seems to solve the problem of passwords will be easier soon on Android.

The Union of FIDO who is looking for ways to solve the problem of remembering the names and passwords of the accounts and the possibility of expansion of use of biometric authentication, announced that the Android versions 7 and newer supports authentication fingerprint after obtaining a license FIDO2.

This means that it will enable login to all applications and services accounts websites through the fingerprint, and for devices in which there is no reader insight may support other methods such as a pattern or symbol of transit.

Passwords will still exist for download via the rest of the electronic devices, but if spread model ratification with the means of life, which is hope for Google and FIDO, you may not have the user see the registration data (password) with the company’s servers and more service in the future, therefore, upon the occurrence of a breakthrough for one of the accounts by the double service, you will be the rest of the user accounts on the internet safe.

To take advantage of the registration your fingerprint instead of passwords, application developers should abide by the protocols FIDO2, albeit a use of the programming interface is simple, the spread of water between the applications and services may take several months.

This will make the water on about half the Android devices only, where requesting the update to Android 7 or higher version, offline, and still half the community of Android running older versions.

It is worth mentioning that we have seen the use of the registration feature fingerprint already in the service of payment online and web browsers Chrome and Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

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