Android Q will buy the contacts off your phone on their networks

Since the leak last week, it was clear that the Android system Q will be some positive changes, such as dark mode at the system level as a whole, the settings for the new permissions to enhance fertility.

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But, there are some changes that wouldn’t be in favor of the users, where reports indicate that the new system will allow for communications greater powers to the closure of your phone to specific networks via your SIM.

More specifically, will be the telecommunications companies that you purchase your phone from them able to create a list of slides “allowed” and “not allowed”, which is basically a list white list Black Why will or won’t work on a particular phone, and can thereby prevent users from using a second chip of the company calls suitable for phones that support dual SIM.

Expected to show more detail about this issue during the coming period.

Sources: 9to5Google – Android Source Code

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