Android Q will allow applications to work at the same time in Split-Screen mode

Google Pixel 3 XL

The company Google include split screen for multi-tasking in Android with Android Nougat. However, this feature didn’t work as was required of everyone, whereas Android displays two apps at the same time on the screen, he wasn’t running both applications at the same time. However, this will change thanks to a new feature called “Multi-Resume” will come with Android Q.

After becoming the screens of smart phones is greater than ever, they are becoming more than able to run two applications at the same time. Of course, Android currently allows displaying two apps on the screen at the same time, but it is activates only one application while shut down the other application.

This means that users cannot change the status of the application manually by interacting with the app you want to use it. There is no way to make both working at the same time when you open them in a mode of multitasking.


After that the system became Android supports smart phones collapsible officially, the company will Google include a new feature in the Android Q called “Multi-Resume”. This will allow the water to open several apps at the same time and make them work all at the same time. It would be possible to do this on Android 9 Pie also. However, the manufacturers of devices, application developers to build features Multi-Resume. This won’t be the case with Android Q because it will be support this feature by default in this version of Android.

Manufacturers will be able to keep all the applications active in the multitasking mode. Certainly it will be welcome support for this feature in Android, but this support won’t arrive until next year, still in front of the Android Q A long way before he’s ready to launch.



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