Android Q: What’s new issue preview first

On the occasion of the launch of a copy of Preview developers version of the Android Q, are currently available for only the pixels, we use here the new changes.

Options theme colors and system

In the Android Pie, it was select an icon and activate the option appears in blue, as you can see in pictures, which is still the default mode in the Android Q, but add other colors can be set from the settings, which are purple, green and black.

You can also change the type of font used in all system of the virtual phenomenon, with pictures, to Noto Serif or Source Sans Pro.

Instead of relying on one bouquet Icons, adds Android System option to change the design of all application icons into one shape: circular or square or round the corners or in the form of “blood group”.

Interaction with notifications

In Android P, you can remove notifications by dragging them quickly to the right or to the left, in the Android Q, the removal of the notices as possible by the right only, the left shows the options for the blocking and muting the sound and sustained development, which can be shown to make a simple pull. This change is in line with the interface of MIUI, you won’t notice user devices Shawnee little changed.

We mentioned that when you drag to the left will be among the options “mute”, i.e. the appearance of the notice of application specific without being accompanied by the voice; so, when the arrival of the notice in default mode will show the timing of the appearance of the notice and beside him the sound of the bell, as you can see pictured above.

Night mode and appearance of dark

Provided Android P option to activate the Night Mode Settings screen, which is put fits reading in the dark, where they are filter X-ray of the blue emitted from the screen without change in the form of a fact.

In the Android Q, this is no longer the situation exists, and some of the refreshes on the choice of the dark appearance or what is known as dark mode, so that it can circulate the color black in fact, instead of white, which is also suitable for reading, where the filter part of the Blue Ray emitted, it also prolongs the battery life.

Since we are still in the development stage, with the passage of time, we may see the return of the night mode, and improve the appearance of dark/ dark.


Bar will appear Quick Settings how much the duration of the battery. In screen mode permanent (Always-on display), move the battery icon from the middle of the bottom of the screen to the upper right corner.

The list of participating

Change the appearance of list participation, and access to it faster as the hills, but we hope to add Google option to customize the appearance of applications.

Screen images

When you take a photo the screen shows Note device and around the camera, which may not surprise some, especially since there is currently no option to cancel the appearance of the sheet, but this may change.

Privacy settings

There is the “privacy” section in the Settings app, to months listings related settings, including: permissions, applications, settings content the lock screen, settings of the autofill feature for passwords, date, geographic location, and settings of Use and diagnosis.

Among the app’s permissions, the access location will open by default when using the app only, but the user has the option of two more: the House absolute, or the granting of access permission of the geographical location, always, include cases of non-use the app also.

Watch Wi-Fi

While some user interfaces this option, it with Android Q, will enable all phones to share the connection to Wi-Fi easily; click on the sharing icon will appear next to the network name in the settings, it then shows a QR code that someone else can scan it via the camera phone to connect to the Wi-Fi network, without the need for trading password.

Calls to

Click the extended button to restart the phone, the option will appear emergency call with the usual options: restart the phone or close it.

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