Android Pie really will spread much faster than previous versions

A few days ago, Google introduced the Android operating system 9.0 Pie. In a press release it was said that on the day of the announcement system will get smartphones Pixel, and by the end of fall update will arrive on the models participating in the beta test of the Android P, as well as on devices of the Android One.

However, immediately after the announcement the update is rolled out Essential, on the next day the pies started to get owners Nokia 7 Mix Plus and Xiaomi 2s. It became clear that it really will go faster than usual. However, all three smartphones that have started to update on the first day, I participated in the beta test of the Android P, so the rate of release of a new version pleased, but I was personally waiting for info on some other smartphone.

And today she appeared, and at once on many. So, Huawei is already testing the system at Mate 10 Pro, P20, Honor 10 Honor and V10, that is, the update should come out soon enough. Vivo has announced that its current handsets will receive the update before the end of the year. Sony will update Xperia model XZ2, XZ2 Compact Xperia, Xperia Premium XZ2, XZ1 Xperia, Xperia and Xperia Compact XZ1 XZ Premium during the fall. And that’s just what it became known for three days.

Thus, I conclude that the structure of the Project Treble, which should help vendors to roll out faster updates, finally gave fruit. Because before this fast new version was not close. What can we say, at the end of July Android Oreo is just 12% of the market, and it’s been a year.

By the way, in the Android Pie has earned the Rollback Protection feature that will prevent installation on smartphones older firmware. Simply put, after updating to Android 9.0 to go back to the previous version will not be released. But this applies only to those smartphones that will come to market with Android Pie out of the box. In other cases, all depends on the manufacturer.

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