Android Pay turned into a Google Pay

Last month we informed you about Google’s plans for unification of payment services Android Pay, and Google Wallet into one app. And this week, the company began distributing a new program Google Pay.

App Google Pay allows you to make purchases offline and online stores, and various services. Differences from Android Pay are almost there, added a few new features in the app.

Now the main screen consists of two tabs – Home and Cards. The first depicts your main map, a list of recent purchases and some helpful hints. The second displays a list of available Bank and discount cards.

Let me remind you to use the payment service of Google, your phone must meet certain requirements (at least Android 4.4, no root-rights, the availability of NFC-sensor), and your Bank needs to support Google Pay (to date, in Ukraine five banks added support for the service of the Bank “PrivatBank”, “Oschadbank”, “UkrSibbank” and “Pivdenny”). App Google Pay should automatically appear on your device, or you can download it manually from Google Play.

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