Android P will spread faster due to Project Treble

Last year at I/O 2017, Google introduced Project Treble. Task Treble to expedite the updating of smartphones to new versions of Android. Managed to achieve this through the office’s written in low-level programming languages, Android OS Framework, a special interface with Vendor Test Suite. Due to this, now the manufacturers of Android smartphones will not wait for the update low-level code from Qualcomm and other manufacturers of processors.

This week at I/O 2018 Google released Android P Beta. It was a surprise the fact that the firmware got not only the Pixel-soup. You may notice that all smartphones that support Android P Beta support Project Treble.

Project Manager iliyan Malchev said that this year P will get Android 18 from 11 smartphone manufacturers, and it can not but rejoice. In September it was announced long term support Linux kernels (from two years to six). Theoretically Android device will receive updates for 5 years.

You will also notice that the smartphone from the list of supported Android P Beta work for Snapdragon processors. It was previously announced collaboration between Google and Qualcomm. Latest got early access to Android P and optimized software for Snapdragon 845, 660, and 636. In this regard, we can expect much faster updates for Android devices on these processors.

The final version of Android P will be released in the third quarter of 2018. To discuss this and other news can in Telegram chat!

According to the materials 9to5google

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