Android or iOS from trying more on user privacy?

Recently started to be raised strongly the issues of user privacy preservation, especially after the exposure of deliberately a lot of companies technical misuse of the user data and the violation of their privacy grossly. Today you will take a light with regard to maintaining privacy on system Android and iOS.

الأندرويد أم iOS : من يحافظ أكثر على خصوصية المستخدم؟

Android or iOS : who’s trying to more on user privacy?

Android or iOS : who writes the secrets to the most?

In examining the last detailed published by Digital Content Next research report, research concluded that Google collects data about users more suffer 10 fold what the iOS system with its users.

Research published days before the campaign the name of the Google Data Collection has been done by Mr. “Douglas Schmidt” a university professor competent in Computer Science.

الأندرويد أم iOS : من يكتم الأسرار أكثر ويحفظ خصوصيتك؟

Android or iOS : who writes the secrets to the most?

Among the interesting findings the findings of the research measuring the Google Chrome browser to send the geographical location information of the user to the Google servers about 340 times throughout the day, even if the device is in sleep mode and does not use it, while the Safari browser saves the user’s data more closely and not allowed to send any data to servers Apple or Google only if a user interaction with the device.

Google are watching you wherever you go!

The research also found that Google keeps track and control users directly on Android and Chrome browser, where you track user activity on the different applications during web browsing via cookies and link them with the user account on Google, and keep a record of its activity.

Data collection is essential for companies to improve the products and experience to use, and Apple TV also do this, but in a different style called the fertility differential Differential Privacy, which says Apple collects data with pan-users without linking them to the identity of the user, unlike Google, which maintains the identities of users and records of their activity with.

Ads are the reason!

You may wonder one reason why Google adopted this policy volunteers in the collection of users ‘ data and track them. The reason is simply that Google has the largest advertising platform on the internet in the world “Google AdSense” and attributed income does not, of course, the collection of data in this way helps them inevitably to develop ads and target the audience more accurately.

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