Android news: the first beta of the Android Q and a plans Google

We are here every week on the news going to talk today… we will not break this tradition. After all, the reason is — out Google has finally released the first beta Android Q! On this and many other now will tell you more.

The first beta Android Q

13 March, Google has launched the program of pre-testing Android Q, releasing his debut rollup. Like last year, the preliminary version of Android Q is distributed only among the owners of compatible devices that are registered developers. It is a jubilee, the tenth iteration of the mobile OS by the search giant, whose official release will take place only at the event Google I/O, which will be held in early may.

Since the first access beta Android Q now has a very limited range of users, complete list of new features the updated OS will be published later. But from what we already know — night mode, the system permissions (Yes, just like in iOS), desktop mode, smart face recognition, native screen recording… and won’t spoil, and later will remove this video where we explain all the basic bun new Android.

And Yes, answering the question “when will my Redmi?”, answer from: Sundar Pichai knows! Well the truth is, until the autumn don’t wait.

Face scanner in Galaxy S10 can be dangerous

Meanwhile, Samsung has warned against the use of the face scanner in the Galaxy S10. The company’s position is that the only reliable method of protecting your smartphone is the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, while technology unlock in the face of such can not be considered.

The basic idea of face recognition technology used in the Galaxy S10 firmware, is not to protect the smartphone, and to facilitate access to its contents for the owner. Because of the high recognition rate and no need to take the device in hand to scan the finger unlock on the face can come in handy in some situations, says Samsung. However, lay to the charge technology security is definitely not worth it.

So finger work finger!

Foldable smartphones in 30 000 rubles

But the CEO of Huawei has promised us a folding smartphone for 500 euros! Top Manager admitted that the Mate X, who entrusted to him the company presented at the MWC in Barcelona, really expensive.

Of course, the smartphone for 2300 euros – this is not a product for the mass market, says CEO. However, he said, it will take a year or two and the price of such devices will fall to a more manageable 1000 euros. With the development of new and cheaper technologies available, the lower prices will become more and more pronounced, and eventually they may fall even below 500 euros. This will contribute to the fascination with new vendors theme of foldable smartphones.

Over the past few years, the price of smart phones has grown substantially and continues to grow. If 3-4 years ago to introduce a smartphone with a cost of $ 1000 was virtually impossible, now and the mark is not of record. If it goes on and on, folding the “public sector” we might not see never.

Pixelbook, farewell!

Google refuses production of laptops and tablets. They say the employees who were involved in the work on Pixelbook and Pixel Slate was reassigned to other areas and future projects associated with these devices have been cancelled.

Dozens of engineers, managers and other employees who worked recently on a laptop and a tablet, were in a sense left to themselves, as they were told for two weeks to find yourself some other projects or in Google, or Alphabet, which belongs to Google.

So the “MacBook killer” from the search giant, we’ll see soon. May not even see.

Xiaomi sells phones without the box!

Have you ever had to buy a smartphone without a box? I think not, it is even difficult to imagine, not to mention the fact to agree to such a venture. But Xiaomi believes that there is nothing criminal in the fact that to give the buyer a smartphone, headphones and charger, but leave the packaging in the store. I wonder why?

The reluctance of Xiaomi to sell their smartphones in their original packaging have become known recently. This was told by one of the users of social network Weibo. He complained that the seller of the flagship store of Xiaomi in Beijing, accepted his payment for a brand new Xiaomi Mi 9, gave him the phone and all the contents of the package, asking to leave it in the store. Of course, not forever, said the seller. Picking up the box will be at the end of the month.

The explanation for this strange behavior of the employees of the retail brand Xiaomi was literally lying on the surface. Thus the manufacturer’s only prevent the re-resale of the new smartphones, which are usually in short supply at the start of sales.

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