Android news: Huawei no Android and other events

Without a doubt, the main news this week was forced discord between Huawei and Google. But not only this memorable week, there were other interesting events.

Difficulties with Huawei Google

In the beginning of the week, how utterly snow, there was news that Huawei will no longer be able to install on their Android smartphones. To say that among users there was a commotion — nothing to say. Most of them were in shock!

People who do not follow the news from the world of Android on a regular basis and don’t know how that works, was frightened by loud headlines in the press that smartphones Huawei will remain without an operating system, and turn into a pumpkin.

After a short time came the clarification from Google that those who have already bought smartphones Huawei Honor and experience is not necessary. Their device will work normally.

With the new models will be slightly more complicated, but the US government has a little mercy on the Chinese company and delay the boycott for three months. Most likely, this was done in order to give Huawei a chance to rebuild their lives without Google. It is unlikely that the authors of the ban are thinking about the users. This decision was taken in order to protect the interests of American companies that have worked with Huawei from potential difficulties.

The problem is that Android is not the worst thing you can deprive Huawei. In the end, this OS is open and the ban can always be circumvented, especially in China, which Huawei is a major market.

More problems arise with the hardware, as with Huawei will no longer work and other American companies. Among them are such monsters of the market like Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom, and even ARM. Due to recent problems may arise with the production of branded processors Kirin. And a ban on working with Intel and is threatening to put an end to the growing popularity of laptops the company.

Let’s see how it will turn out, and let’s not forget that the Doc could still change her mind. Well, or just to settle a large fine, which will be significant but not fatal for Huawei.

Google told than Pixel 3a best iPhone X

This week Google has posted another promo video, in which he compared his new Pixel 3a with the smartphone known “Apple company”. In this video, the focus was on navigation, which in the case of Pixel AR cycles, while in Apple Maps on the iPhone it’s normal. Despite the good contrast between the smartphones in this is, it has one drawback – AR-navigation is available in Google Maps on iOS. But this is the fault of Google, it seems, took into account in its new advertisement, which appeared today.

In the last 24 hours in the Internet appeared the two ads, which explains how all the key Google services is also available on iOS. Everything from Assistant to Google Photos G Suite can be found on iPhone and iPad with almost the same functionality. Sometimes Google is better on iOS even better, because in Gmail, for example, fast switching between accounts on the “Apple axis.”

When Google announced about AR navigation for Pixel 3a earlier this week, she also said that 3D guides over the real world using augmented reality are tested and for iOS too. Given the popularity of Google Maps (which is even higher than that of the branded app Apple Maps) on iOS, Google would be foolish to keep this feature exclusive to Android.

About Night Sight, on the contrary, nothing similar to say, because it is the exclusive function of the Pixel that is implemented through the joint integration of hardware and software parts and could not be played on the iPhone.

“The iPhone X is Google, but the Pixel 3a is Google”

Response to Google all of it appeared in the form of several posters that have appeared on the Internet. They emphasize the fact that popular all over the world Google built-in Google native device, and is not simply the application on the home screen that I have need to download, and in the case of Pixel 3a it can be accessed by using the Active Edge or saying a special phrase “OK, Google”. The advantage is that the Pixel 3a in two and a half times cheaper than the iPhone X.

Artificial intelligence from Google is not what it seems

A year ago Google introduced Google Duplex, a revolutionary technology which is based on the algorithms of Google Assistant. Thanks to them Duplex can independently make calls on behalf of the user, in fact, acting as a personal Secretary. The naturalness with which said artificial intelligence has caused a genuine fear in some users. Indeed, to distinguish his speech from the speech of a living person was simply unreal. But as it turned out, often to distinguish actually and nothing.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is Duplex, which this spring launched in 43 U.S. States, works is imperfect. It happens that employees of some institutions receive calls from artificial intelligence for spam, so just hang up. But it’s not the most interesting. Much remarkable was the decision that found Google developers.

To avoid unintentional locking calls from Google Duplex, the obligation to commit approximately 25% of all calls placed on live company employees. It is as follows: artificial intelligence initiates a call establishment, which presumably can be difficult. After the handset lifted, the call is transferred to a living person. But sometimes it happens so that a person has to “pull” myself into the conversation only partially, while the main responsibility takes on Google Duplex.

Actually, contrary to popular belief that Google’s Duplex is designed for calls only, it is not. Often, when asked to book a table or make an appointment to see the doctor or to the Barber shop, Duplex first looking for ways how to do this via the Internet. Originally focused on the US, the main recording tool acts as a platform Yelp. AI always first checks if it can send the request via the service and, if not, call themselves.

Despite the fact that Google forced Google to call is Duplex, causes a very contradictory feeling, there is nothing outstanding. And Yandex with his Alice, and Apple with its Siri, and especially Amazon with Alexa have living employees on the safety net, which often process the user requests and teach the AI how best to answer them.

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