Android news: Google is preparing something new

Every day in the world of Android there is something new. This week Samsung showed a very unusual novelty, the characteristics of which are worthy of the flagship, and Google hinted at a new product. What is it?

A new way to update your Android

For the average user Android updates is something ephemeral that exists somewhere out of reach. Despite the fact that Google publishes a monthly security patches to address vulnerabilities in proprietary OS, most manufacturers either ignore them altogether or release updates-blanks. Therefore, most users does not matter nor the number of assemblies contained in them neither fixes nor even a model of their distribution. But not only Google.

Apparently, the search giant devised a change model to propagate updates to Android, placing this responsibility on Google Play. References to relevant instrumentation contained in the actual assembling catalogue number 14.5.52. Their analysis showed that they describe the process of downloading new versions of the operating system, almost exactly repeating the scenario in which there are smartphones line Google Pixel at the time of the update.

What can give such a reshuffle? We are with you — almost nothing, since Google is not content but only modifies the form. The search giant is not trying to do something to solve the problem of fragmentation of Android. It only facilitates the task of distributing updates, which, however, will remain inaccessible to the vast majority of users, forced for months to use smartphones on the same OS version that has been out of the box.

Of course, this does not affect smartphone users line Google Pixel, which meant a new distribution model updates. They, in contrast to the devices of competing brands will be able to download updates from Google Play. Most likely, this is how Google plans to increase attendance, brand directory, turning it from the app store, which gradually cease to be interested in users in the system an indispensable tool.

Interesting novelty from Samsung

Last week during the event, A Galaxy Event, Samsung presented a smartphone Galaxy A80. The device is the most advanced representative of the range Galaxy A, which is traditionally considered cheap, but the appearance and technical specifications enable you to find it even more advanced than the basic model Galaxy S10, and compete with the top Galaxy S10+ when you expect a more affordable price.

Galaxy A80 has a 6.7-inch display with a resolution of Full HD, made by AMOLED technology. Unlike other models the screen is completely symmetric and has no cut was U-shaped.

The manufacturer did not spoil the appearance of your smartphone with cutout for front camera, and solved this problem more elegantly, focusing on a swivel mechanism that will leave the top of the housing. It can be used both as a main and front.

The camera which Samsung has equipped Galaxy A80 consists of three modules 48 and 8 MP. The third is a popular today ToF sensor, which is responsible for determining the depth of the frame.

In the heart of the smartphone is Snapdragon processor 730 running at a clock frequency of 2.2 GHz coupled with 8 GB of RAM. The volume of the built-in default storage is 128 GB, but can be expanded with MicroSD cards. For the role of a software component were elected 9 Android Pie , with a further upgrade to Android Q.

Under the “hood” Galaxy hidden A80 battery at 3700 mAh battery with support for fast charging power of 25 watts. While this is a unique feature that is not available even the flagship devices Galaxy S the tenth generation. To them she gets closer to may with the release of the corresponding update.

In spite of the technological Galaxy A80, it is hardly a beautiful device. Fullscreen design almost deprived him of the delights which you can use to catch the eye. The same can be said about the back of the smartphone, completely devoid of individuality. But everything changes when the camera leaves the top of the phone, guiding your lens wherever you need it. Perhaps even any modern camera didn’t look so contradictory.

A mysterious new product from Google

Pretty cool Google promote brand electronics absolutely no impact on the company’s desire to continue to develop hardware lineup, including tablets and laptops. This was confirmed by Steve Jacobs, head of practices and Pixelbook Pixel Slate. According to him, the search giant has no plans to abandon the production of tablets and laptops and is currently preparing for his fans something completely new.

Rumors about Google’s intention to curtail further production of tablets and laptops appeared last month. Then Business Insider reported the company’s plans for the reorganization of the teams involved in the development of these product lines with the reorientation in favor of other, more promising projects. Initially Google refused to officially comment on this information, but subsequently decided that it could damage her authority changed the decision.

The product or products on which is currently running Google, will be different from device lines, and Pixel Pixelbook Slate, admitted Jacobs. According to him, the company is sure that what they want to do work unlike existing products. New items – most likely focused on the corporate segment will be designed to provide the opportunity to work in modern conditions, when the lead cloud technology.

Despite the recognition of Jacobs ‘ plans for Google to release something new to say what it will be, it is still extremely difficult. However, at least one version available. It is possible that the search giant is planning the launch of new services, allowing to perform intensive tasks in the cloud, access to which will open with a line of devices Pixel. Thus Google will be able to underline its commitment to the cloud and devalue high-performance workstations.

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