Android news #196: a mysterious new Samsung not only

Presenting your attention the 196th edition of our weekly project “Android news”! Today we will talk about an interesting new product from Samsung, work on the new OS from Google and much more. Below, with the same news you can find in a traditional text format.

Something new from Samsung

At the Unpacked event, which will take place on 20 February, Samsung will present not only the flagship Galaxy S10 and foldable Galaxy Fold, but new generation of smart hours Galaxy Sport. It follows from the Federal communications Commission of the United States, issued the Korean company permission to sell accessory. The novelty will receive more advanced compared to the original model features a number of new features that will make it even more functional and useful for everyday use decision.

Unlike the original model, the new Galaxy Sport will get native support for Bixby, which, most likely, will be called voice, as do the users of the Apple Watch with Siri. The verbal ability is activate the voice assistant without having to touch the device will not only make the process of interaction with them easier, but also be able to get for emergency situations where touching is difficult or simply impossible.

Traditionally, software-based new Galaxy Sport will be Tizen operating system, and the role of the processor will perform one of the solutions to Qualcomm, is designed for use in wearable electronics. However, expect hours of high performance is not only due to their size, but also conceptual purpose, which is to perform the auxiliary, not the basic and required significant resource consumption tasks.

Given that Galaxy Sport are less advanced device than Galaxy Watch, expect that its price will remain at the level of the original model – 18-20 thousand rubles. Despite the fact that it’s quite a big amount for the support of the gadget, I must say that the Galaxy Sport is popular in many countries, and sometimes even bypasses the sales Galaxy Watch whose functionality has proved to be excessive for certain categories of users.

Without a single button

About Vivo APEX 2019 we wrote a lot and often. This is the phone of the future, which should set the trend on the market. The device has no cutouts, holes and buttons. It is obvious that these are all smartphones already from 2019. The company introduced the phone at a special press conference in Beijing, and it’s not like all other devices and even on Meizu Zero.

Externally APEX like the HTC U11, but it looks much neater and nicer. There is no USB Type-C, no 3.5 mm input under earphones, no holes for speaker, camera even deprived of the front camera for slim framework.

APEX 2019, as most of the flagships in 2019, equipped with 5G-module, Snapdragon 855, 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory, the company used a special design of the Board to make room for 5G in the body of the phone.

Instead of the volume buttons Vivo uses Touch Sense technology with sensors on the ends, which are able to react in real-time. For the first time this showed HTC two years ago, and yesterday the same technology introduced the company Meizu. Speaker is placed under the display, is responsible for this technology SoundCasting Body. In 2019 APEX uses the fingerprint scanner, located under the display and a larger scope.

A working prototype of the phone will be shown at the exhibition MWC 2019, which starts a month later on February 25.

The phone, as expected, turned out a futuristic, but the questions remain. The front panel has a broad frame from below, and the whole frame in the front don’t look very modern. Previously, the company has published a poster, whereby the phone could get Edge-edge. From the smartphone I waited for more, but he was not as “space”, unfortunately.

A little Apple in Google

Enthusiasm for Google’s new operating system called Fuchsia long ago is not news for the vast majority of our readers. We have told you about its unique features and possible ways of its implementation. The only thing that caused anxiety, — team of creators Fuchsia, many of which have at different times moved into the project from the team that worked on Android. Fortunately, Google soon realized that they needed someone much more experienced and hired one of the Apple executives.

According to a report by 9To5Google, the search giant has poached some of bill Stevenson, who for 14 years had been working on a Mac and running macOS. He joined Apple in 2004 and since then was engaged in the optimization and resolution of problems with third-party software. Largely because of him, even third-party applications work on the Mac is not worse than regular.

But Stevenson was not confined to optimization. As his professional development he worked on the development of AirPlay, features Find My Mac, iCloud, and also participated in the creation of all versions of OS X, starting from 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.9 Mavericks ending. Subsequently, he was responsible for the launch of operating systems, in fact, being the project coordinator. It is not surprising that Google has their eye on Stevenson.

Another question is whether Stephenson to ensure that Fuchsia has become advanced software platforms, able to compete with Apple solutions? Given his experience, most likely, Yes. But all guaranteed to work, it is important that those who created the OS from scratch, did it in complete isolation from the Android, and not unwittingly trying to copy the “green robot”, which happened. This confirms even Fuchsia compatible with Google Play, which will be the main distribution platform for the new OS.

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