Android news #195: the mystery of the upcoming flagship and the missing correspondence

We present to your attention the 195th edition of our weekly project “Android news”! Today we talk about what we promise flagships this year, and how the messengers lost correspondence. Below, with the same news you can find in a traditional text format.

Google is ready to surprise us

On 9 October, Google introduced the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. It’s only been 4 months, but smartphones do not seem modern. Google tries to smooth the effect is not very good flagship output of the Lite version, but after six months we can expect output Pixel 4. The company has patented a very interesting device, and that may become the new flagship of the Americans.

We are talking about the following patent:

As you can see, the device does not have any cuts or holes in the screen. It is not necessary to pay attention to the back of the case, the basic idea of the patent – the front panel is completely covered by the display.
You can also pay attention to the form factor of the smartphone. We are not talking about the slider that is amazing.

Most likely, the company built earpiece and camera with sensors under the display. While it is not clear how this technology will work, but Samsung, for example, plans to introduce a similar phone in 2020, besides a similar technology for placing the camera under the display patented company Essential.

If there are patents, so manufacturers know how to implement the idea, and it is important, therefore, to deny placement of the front camera under the display due to the lack of sufficient technology development too early. Around the same time Google really there are many.

It is obvious that these are the smartphones in 2020 and possibly to the end of 2019. In 2022 users will actively go to flexible gadgets, classic phone in approximately 3-4 years can be a tough sell among consumers. Of course, while all this speculation is, however, this outcome is quite realistic.


WhatsApp, which lost messages

Mobile WhatsApp client for Android can spontaneously remove the old correspondence some users messenger. The existence of the bug became known from the discussions in social networks and on the platform of Reddit. According to some users, the removal is due to errors when creating backups using cloud storage Google Drive that WhatsApp uses to backup their customers ‘ data from November of last year.

In most cases, deleted messages older than one year, however, as noted by users, sometimes missing pieces and more recent conversations. This greatly complicates the use of instant messenger for corporate and business users, for whom it is essential to have constant access to the correspondence with customers. However, the dissatisfaction expressed and ordinary customers WhatsApp, found that lost the old messages.

“I have faced this problem back in June 2018, complained one of the users of WhatsApp on his Twitter. Since I regularly lose important old messages. I sent many messages [support] WhatsApp, but they ignore me. I’ve tried everything including resetting the phone to factory settings, reinstalling the client, WhatsApp and even change your phone, but it was useless.”

According to the WhatsApp messenger developers know about the problem and are working on a fix. Despite this, in the company refuse to disclose the reasons for which there is a spontaneous deletion of messages. Perhaps it has something to do with the security system of the messenger, and, probably, the developers simply do not know why this is happening. In any case, the leadership of the messenger promises as soon as possible to correct the problem and restore the lost dialogues.

Here and there were photos of the Galaxy S10

Despite the fact that before the release of Galaxy S10 remains more than a month, we already know a lot about the hardware stuffing smartphone, the number of modifications in which it will be released, as well as the features of its software. The only thing we haven’t seen until now, was itself a novelty. But with the publication SamMobile, who published a photo of the alleged Galaxy S10+, even its appearance has ceased to be secret.

This photograph shows a smartphone that is supposedly the flagship Galaxy S10+. The upcoming new product from Samsung in this issue dual front-facing camera, embedded directly in the display, and the almost total absence of frames on the front panel.

Despite the unwritten rule not to believe low-quality images of spyware that exists in the industry for this photograph, we can make an exception. Apparently, the picture was taken with the significant removal and close with the digital zoom, which, though ruining the image, at the very least allows you to see your subject.

As far as looks Galaxy S10+, if the photo shows do it, it is to be expected. This machine was painted all kinds of rumors, leaks and draw Diwali by insiders on the basis of their renderings. In General, the device looks very ordinary, since such solutions already produced by competing producers. That only is the Oppo Find X, which was initially considered by many it journalists as a clone of the not yet released Galaxy S10.

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